A Progressive COVID Response Agenda

COVID19 has made it clear that putting people over profit is a matter of life and death. We need a comprehensive progressive response to this public health, economic and democratic crisis. 
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A Progressive COVID-19 Response Agenda

Shared Prosperity

  • SD.2918 (Lewis) & HD.5039 (Donato): An Act relative to emergency paid sick time, which would rovide ten additional work-days (80 hours) of job-protected paid sick time for immediate use during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • HD.4945 (Gouveia): An Act providing for emergency cash assistance in response to COVID-19 & HD.4950 (Miranda): An Act providing emergency access to equity and justice for all in response to COVID-19, which provide cash assistance to Massachusetts residents in this period of economic security
  • HD.4951 (Decker): An Act to provide short-term relief for families in deep poverty, which would provide an extra month of benefits to those on TAFDC and EAEDC
  • HD.5031 (Robinson): An Act providing hazard pay for essential workers in the COVID-19 emergency, which requires that workers deemed essential get paid time and a half given the risks they face

All Means All: Racial and Social Justice

  • HD.4963 (Sabadosa): An Act regarding Decarceration and COVID-19, which would require the release of individuals who are currently in pre-trial detainment or under incarceration if they are a member of a population deemed especially vulnerable by the CDC, are eligible for medical parole, are almost finished with their sentence, or are only being detained due to inability to pay bail or due to minor violations of parole
  • SD.2916 (Eldridge) / HD.5036 (Barber / Farley-Bouvier): An Act to provide equal stimulus checks to immigrant taxpayers, which provides stimulus checks to immigrant taxpayers who were excluded from the stimulus provisions of the federal CARES Act

Endorsed Legislation Addressed (to an Extent) by Now-Passed State or Federal Legislation


  • HD.4935 (Connolly-Honan): An Act Providing for a Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures During the COVID19 Emergency because, in a state of emergency in which people are being asked to stay at home, people need to have homes. Evictions and foreclosures exacerbate our public health crisis and strain our already weak safety net.
  • HD.4958 (Mark/Sabadosa): An Act relative to COVID-19 emergency unemployment expansion, which would ensure that independent contractors, sole proprietors, partners in a partnership, freelance, and tipped employees are eligible for unemployment benefits and that COVID-19 emergency assistance does not make any worker ineligible for receiving any existing state benefits
  • SD.2912 (Rausch) /HD.5026 (Madaro): An Act establishing vote by mail in 2020, which would expand opportunities to vote by mail in September and November so that no one has to choose between risking their health and participating in our democracy
  • HD.5075 (Lawn/Moran): An Act Ensuring Safe and Participatory 2020 State Elections Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, which would expand opportunities to vote by mail, shorten the registration window, and increase the number of days of early voting, among other steps
  • HD.5077 (Gouveia): An Act to establish safe, accessible, and fair elections, which would increase the days of early voting, allow voters to register to vote on Election Day, and provide for other protections


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